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The 360 Handgun Training Academy

      The 360 Handgun Training Academy was conceived on the basic principal of all around training in the handling of handguns either for sporting or in self defense. Our training fully encompasses all aspects of control and safety in the handling of a handgun.

     Our mission statement and commitment to our students is that we will strive to share knowledge that will make the student safer and more proficient in executing each and every shot. We keep our minds open to the newest and latest techniques to assure current training is being executed, but only if it meets our high safety standard’s. All instructors are NRA certified.

  • 670 Brantly Rd.
  • Osteen FL
  • 32764
  • Google Voice Number Leave A Message 321-872-7250
  • All Classes start at 8AM SHARP
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  • Don't have a gun? No Problem, rent one of ours for $25.00 paid at the class.
  • Florida Concealed Weapons Course

    Course Price 75.00

    This is the required State of Florida Certificated Safety Course, that covers firearms safety, on range qualification, individual legal responsibility and Florida law requirements. All documentation including the application etc are supplied. Cost includes class, range time, State CCW application pack and all class room materials. Please note: This class is for any shooter experience or not. This class covers in addition to the basics, gun types, grip, stance, hands on before ever firing a round, site picture, and even scenarios on "can I shoot", some fun, some serious and a moral dilemma, what you may have to live with. Ladies are always welcome. Private classes are available. This class goes far beyond what is required by the state. This class is 3.5 to 4 hrs. If your interested in learning how to shoot, please contact us for information.

    Ammunition Required: 20 rounds, eye and hearing protection.

    Prerequisites: 21 years or older

    Registration Form for CCW Class

    Advanced Defensive Handgun

    Course Price 150.00

    Shooting at the range and shooting in a life and death situation, are 2 completely different things. This pistol course will guide you through the basics of utilizing your firearm under stress conditions. Beginning with a classroom lecture on safety, situational awareness, the mind-set of a robber, mental conditioning, stance, drawing, mastering trigger control, mastering recoil, shooting under stress, tactical target engagement. Progressing through the class the student will build a “fight ready” mind set. This class is primarily an on range class. Students will fire a minimum of 250 rounds of ammo in live fire drills. The class is designed to teach advanced drills for the serious shooter. Also covers shooting from standing, kneeling, prone positions, multiple target engagements, malfunctions drills, reloading techniques, and one-handed shooting and manipulation.

    You DO NOT have to have a concealed carry license to take this course. This course does quality for a certificate to get your CCW. This course is not for the beginning shooter. You will need to have a strong hand holster, no cross draw or shoulder holster rigs. A gun 9MM or larger in good working condition with 3 magazines, no open toe shoes or low cut shirts, hearing and eye protection are a must. Bring water and snacks, baseball cap, sun screen, knee pads. Be prepared to get dirty you will be shooting from the ground! This is a 6 to 8 HR class. Classes are limited, 75.00 deposit is required in full 3 days prior to class date, cancelation requires 2 week notice to receive a full refund. After that time 25.00 penalty will apply. You can reschedule a class once with no penalty

    Registration Form for Advanced Defensive Handgun